Chronicles of Summer Startup Accelerator Experience, Insights, and Projects

Today we focused on design responsive navigation bars and touched on HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Either someone read my blog and responded or the pace or things just went back to normal I loved class today.

I loved class today because it had great structure and I felt like we accomplished a lot in 4 hours. Within our time we learned about HTML 5, and checked out a few cool links like —>

After that we spent time on 3 separate projects today

We did a basic navigation bar with links only. From this very simple project, I was reminded of the importance of the “.clear” hack we learned to make sure containers don’t collapse on each other.

Our second navigation bar we made focused on turning a link into a button. One application might be that making a link’s environment active, then people can use it on a touch screen. Additionally, we got the background to hover behind a text link. This came with a lot of confusion until I learned the syntax to code it. It was a nested CSS, which gets long and looks like this: nav ul li a {}

Our last project Chris introduced us to SPRITES! He did this by showing us the Google pacman HTML5 page that’s just a series of images. He showed us that sprites were essentially an entire picture that the internet would download and call once versus make a call every time you needed the site to respond. We turned an images into responsive active links. I loved this. I’ve always been curious about how to make the web more reactive than just words. This really resonated with me. Basically, we had to re-position the picture within the container for each element’s attribute (i.e. a:hover a:visited a:active etc.)

*I apologize for shorter and shorter blog posts. Last week of a 3 week intensive managerial accounting class has gotten me sleeping sub 5 hrs every day.


The Business of Gaming – This was taught by Brad Hargreaves, a co-founder of General Assembly.

– It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, since I thought it would be about game design or gamification, but understanding the gaming economy was fascinating nonetheless. Great live class, with great production quality! Would definitely recommend it!


Craft Coffee Project: So far we’ve had a difficult time coordinating. Today we finally came to the conclusion that we’d have to synthesize a series of insights and surveys into one short and sweet deliverable along with a short presentation.


Lack of communication between everyone.

Some people leave right after class…having nothing to do after class the first week set precedent saying that it was over after that. We need guidance and someone to tell everyone that this is a program where we have to stay until 5-6pm and work on the project after class. Thus far I feel like a few people take this project very seriously and some people just don’t care. Maybe it’s just all poor communication.

Regardless, initial efforts are being made to putting together break into sub-divisions,  target websites for survey, systems of communication, standards of reporting, etc.

Tough Times with a new team. We are all still in the forming stages of team development…I don’t think we all know each other’s name by heart yet, but professional excel regardless of circumstances, so we will excel.

Awesome Part – Beginning to get a feel for everyone in the program. Making great friends!


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