Chronicles of Summer Startup Accelerator Experience, Insights, and Projects

This past weekend I watch UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II (rematch)

What prompted the rematch was Sonnen’s domination of Silva in a previous match. Sonnen landed more punches on Silva than Silva’s gotten hit with previously in his entire career. From round 1 to round 4 Sonnen repeatedly beat down Silva and took him down. Finally, going into the fifth and final round Sonnen almost had it. He had the championship within arms reach. Fortunately, Silva choked Sonnen via triangle choke with 2:30 left on the fifth round clock. Silva finished him, barely.

In their next bout at UFC 148, Sonnen took down Silva in 15 seconds and spent the rest of the round beating Silva from the top and eventually got into mount position to end the round. I could see the hunger in Silva’s eyes between the round. In round 2, he came out with a new strategy and some fire in his belly. He showed strong takedown defense and went back to the elusive Silva that I knew was there. He dodged a backhand by Sonnen. The backhand’s momentum sent Sonnen tripping to the ground. Silva finished him with a knee to the chest and some subsequent ground and pound. Regardless, he finished up Sonnen good this time. He dominated.


What does this mean for entrepreneurs and other ambitious leaders? It means that even though you’re not at the top of your class, or your startup hasn’t “grown up” yet, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Things are always 20/20 in hindsight. I think this notion can best be seen by Dave McClure’s most recent post late bloomers. Dave laments that at one point in his career he felt like he was going nowhere and his only success was his wife and kids, but look at him now. He’s truly a character to be revered. I know I look up to his sailor cursing ways.

It means that instead of focusing on how bad you may be at something in beginning you need to relentlessly pursue your dream because how you finish matters. That’s your legacy. Be like Silva. Finish the fight. Whatever it may be, realize your vision. Save the world by creating a social endeavor like the girls who made Soccket, or make that t-shirt company grow exponentially like I know Infidel USA did. Wherever you see yourself, just go and get it. Do it. FUCKING do it.

I dreamt of finally interning in New York and spending the summer with my girlfriend. a few months later, here I am with my beautiful girlfriend living in New York City, interning at both General Assembly and Lean Startup Machine which were companies I dreamed of a year ago.

Dream it. Do it.


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