Chronicles of Summer Startup Accelerator Experience, Insights, and Projects

The Program

Here’s a peek into what I’ll really be doing in New York City since so many people have asked.

First, General Assembly is a campus for technology, design, and entrepreneurship. They provide educational programming, space, and support to facilitate collaborative practices and learning opportunities across a community inspired by the entrepreneurial experience.

It’s four founders came together to create General Assembly in a growing New York entrepreneurship scene. Today it is a community that focuses on the singularity of technology, entrepreneurship, and great design. The dynamic background of the founders can be seen in everything done within GA. They’ve worked at venture-backed firms, freelanced, and run their own companies. One thing they all have in coming is the drive to start making. The layout of it’s space is key to the cross-pollination so coveted by Fortune 500 companies and a style that can be seen at the Stanford D School and other creative spaces. Check out the layout!

I will be taking part in their fresh, new Summer Startup Accelerator.

Each morning I will attend classes that provide an in-depth overview of topics in digital product innovation and entrepreneurship. With nearly 100 hours of class time from 20 different instructors, I will walk through the full process of imagining, prototyping, testing, iterating, building, pricing, marketing, distributing and selling a product or service.

I will also experience the rigors of real-world entrepreneurship each afternoon by learning from a GA affiliated startup. Through field studies, team exercises, and case studies, students will apply their learnings in a results-oriented, fast-paced environment and build aportfolio of major contributions to some of New York’s most exciting startups.

After successfully completing the summer program, I will be acknowledged by General Assembly partner organizations, startups, and members as accomplished, emerging practitioners in the fields of technologydesign, and entrepreneurship.


Here’s a list of classes I’ll be taking in the morning and then later applying during the day at GA affiliated businesses:

First Half

  • Introduction to NYC Startup Ecosystem
  • The Future of the Web
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Ideas
  • Computer Science for Non-Programmers
  • HTML + CSS
  • APIs and Data Mashing
  • Excelling at Project Management
  • Growing a Tech Team
  • The First 60 Days of a Startup
  • Basics of Outsourcing Operations
  • Introduction to Mobile Development
  • Mobile Interface Design
  • Mobile Business Models

Second Half

  • User Experience Research and Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Acquisition Workshop
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • Cultivating an Online Community for Your Brand
  • Google Analytics Best Practices
  • Designs with Adobe Suite
  • Branding Fundamentals
  • Client Perspective Workshops
  • Sales Strategies for Startups
  • Advertising with AdWords and AdSense
  • How Social Media Drives Sales
  • Presentations and Pitches
Lastly, I want to say thank you to Anna Lindow who originally responded to my tweeting admiring General Assembly and granting me this opportunity. Additionally, a thank you goes to Jordan Hepner who I’ve bothered a dozen or more times with questions about the program etc. He’s always been quick to respond.

I remember a friend from Lean Startup Machine stopped by Austin and told me I should be honored to be working at General Assembly. I’ve really taken that to heart. So much learning and doing shall be done in the next 8 weeks. Fast and relentless will become my personal adjectives. I can’t wait to step foot on that campus and feel the energy! Let’s START MAKING!


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