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Day 3: Advanced CSS + Self Learning

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So today was Day 3 of Front-End Web Development. So far every day has become more and more challenging. I love it. I have some ugly code, but it works. More importantly, I have something to show for it all.

Tonight I’m going to be up all night trying to perfect my Hans Zimmer website. Nothing motivates like presenting your work to almost complete strangers.

As a business major, very few of the decisions I make right now give direct results. The beauty of code, especially front end, is that one small thing yields some sort of result. My favorite line today from Chris was: “I’m not going to tell you how to do it. You have to feel that real pain and then solve the problem…then you’ll remember!” I love that this class gives all of us the time to play and go through the trial and error process. This isn’t rote memorization. This is my transformation into becoming a maker.

On a high level note, I believe this my chance to finally implement on a product level. So far I’ve started a few organizations and led initiatives to kickstart and add value wherever I go, but never in this manner. Seth Godin put it best today in his blog post: If you don’t get it built, the work doesn’t matter. You’re brilliance and ability to innovate is based on results. Get real!


On a more tangible note we learned how to make calls which are done with a “.class” vs. a “#class” for IDs. We can have multiple classes, but only one unique ID per page.

Additionally, we learned how to align our pictures.

Aligning pictures to the right of a container uses this code.

img.alignright {
float: right;
margin: 0 0 5px 5px;

The margin gives some space between the picture and any words around the picture. This could be used if a paragraph wraps around the picture or for captions.


In today’s session of what I call self-learning and reflection I:

thought about what it means to be successful

more accurately budgeted my stay in New York

worked on the Hans Zimmer website

marked General Assembly classes that I’ll be taking for the rest of summer

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