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Day 2: HTML & CSS + Introduction to 3D printing

Another day slides by too quickly.

Today, I learned one thing very quickly when opening up a new project. Organization and clarity is key. If your desktop is filled with clutter you’re only slowing yourself down. Even excess tabs can kill workflow. I had about ten tabs open from the previous night and I felt them cluttering my mind the entire class. In the future I will only have the task at hand open. Basically, using the same principle Christopher taught us for web design called a reset, and applying it to your desktop before you begin coding, will help make everything easier.

/* reset using either normalize.css or Meyer’s reset */

On a more technical note, we did two main things today. Chris sent us a “blank-template” file that will help us whenever we begin a project. Through this run through he showed us the importance of organizing code and inserting notes. He’s trying to make us as organized as possible and instill good coding habits so that once we begin more complex projects, which we inevitably will, we have a better time managing all the artifacts. At the end of the day, we ended up with a Brook & Lyn fashion page, which will be improved upon tomorrow.

Some of the most important basics was creating the right div id’s. At least four are necessary:

<div id=”container”></div>

<div id=”header”></div>

<div id=”main”></div>

<div id=”footer”></div>

This would give you a basic stack for the simplest website.

Additionally, a point on method. When creating a website, Chris suggested getting all the content into HTML before starting on the CSS. This way you can look at all the basic artifacts you have on the screen and play around with the position and style of the page in CSS.

I can’t wait to touch on JavaScript. I want to start digging into the function of a website, particularly because I want to help redesign my girlfriend’s fashion blog. I do love front-end web development since it’s focus is on the visual aesthetic, which I find particularly important considering most technology doesn’t get the human touch as noted in this design mind article. Most people don’t bother “getting it” because it’s too difficult. Then you watch a three-year old use an iPad effortlessly and you begin to realize that with great design anyone should be able to pick up something and feel curious versus threatened.

Looking forward to another day!


I attended this class: Introduction to 3D printing led by Shapeways. They just announced a huge round of funding recently as well, so I know I’m getting educated by a company whose shaping the future of manufacturing and fabrication. I’ve heard a ton about personal manufacturing and fabrication. I want to finally get my hands dirty and make something simple with this emerging technology.

Even though I’ve been to a ton of these I wish I could attend Introduction to Entrepreneurial Ideas. It would just be nice to go through a select method for focusing on new, groundbreaking ideas.

Also, I hope I can talk to Sam and free up my schedule to either attend Lean Startup Machine New York or the Lean Startup Machine in Austin in September

On another note, I’m also keeping track of Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Program by regularly reading #gsp12 tweets


So far I’m getting closer to Dean as a friend and find him to be genuine and willing to share everything. Love that personality. He has a true love for technology and the entire NYC tech scene. He’s been the most open thus far. I’ve also found the most in common with him from going to extra classes at night to having 200+ tabs open all at once.

I’m partnered with Andrew and on a technical note I think we’re about even. He’s a quick learner and we’ve had brief chats while debugging code. I think we have more in common and I’ll try to speak to him more.

I’d really enjoy it if the class began randomizing seating so we could meet everyone even briefly. There’s so much diversity in the room. I want to make sure I rub shoulders with all the amazing people!

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