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Day 4: Navigation & HMWK Project + Visual Storytelling

Today we spent most of our time polishing up our websites, which for me covered Hans Zimmer. I can show you my initial work next week since our class all got domains today. Mines at Nothing is on there yet, but there will be by next Monday or Tuesday.

Second we spent time learning the process of buying a domain and hosting. Funny enough we had our own little hacks today to get them for the price of $0.01. Basically, set up an affiliate account and a coupon for win. Cha-ching. We used to buy the domain and Hostgator to host it.

1) Type in cheap domains cheap and Google should pull up a coupon for $4.95 for rights to a year.

2) Go through the GoDaddy steps to buy your domain. You should receive a confirmation email with information critical to connecting to the host server.

3) Go to host gator and sign up for the cheapest hosting possible. Customer service is really awesome and will cancel at any time and return your money.

4) They will call you to verify the account so don’t be surprised by a strange number

5) Type in the Server name you received from to HostGator. This should connect and route your domain name to a specific place on the web.

<!– NOTE: You can also use BlueHost and others to buy both your hosting and domain name all at once and forego a few steps–>

6) Set up FTP at, which is free FTP.

7) Download the client, and then type in your information. Lot’s of random code will run generally and you just need to identify that it says, “Status: Directory listing successful”

8) You should be set. FINISHED!

That process is definitely the first babysteps anyone should take when venturing into the web 2.0 space. If you haven’t done that, it’s like not owning a piece of land. Your property is who you are. Just take a stake and plot your spot on the interwebs.

On a more technical note we are working on a website for and should debut Monday.

Ought to be good.


Catered Lunch = Godsend – We got WichCraft to cater gourmet sandwiches and they were DELICIOUS!

Attending Visual Storytelling: An Introduction to Sketchnotes and Infographics tonight taught by Alexis Finch of

  • Always wanted to take more visual notes
  • This will help put complex ideas into simple visuals to share
  • Possible start for storyboarding for UX/UI Design
  • Drawing is a skill every designer, businessperson, engineer, and leader should have

Announcements by Jordan:

  • Next week we’ll be introduced to 2 startups to begin working on projects.
  • Ruby on Rails classes will be available in the afternoons next week
  • User Acquisition Workshop, Friday from 12-4pm
  • Cocktails from 5:30-7:30pm
  • Breakfast on Monday
  • Need to find more people to meet, interview, connect with, and enchant
  • Need to identify events and spots to visit during time here. Meeting with GA planner with Dean to work out logistics and identify key spots.
  • Coffee with CEO of VoiceBunny
  • Date nights with Kimmie

Note to self:

  • Write memo to internship mentors with insights and achievements
  • Follow up on any emails missed
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